Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pain In The Scrotum

The testicles (testes) - a male sex glands that produce sperm and male hormones. Health testicular acts directly on the reproductive function and general physical condition of men.

This body has different sensitivity. It is considered that the most painful feeling in the human body is when the sore testicles in men. In such cases, significantly worse overall health of men. In addition to pain in the testicles nausea, weakness, sweating, irritability and even fear of death.

Most of the diseases that cause similar symptoms have been studied and described. Though not always the patient can identify the cause of discomfort. It is strongly recommended if the sore testicle to control palpation (feeling) the scrotum for the changes in body shape or size and will certainly see a specialist, urologist or andrologist.

It should be noted a number of characteristic symptoms, for which access to a doctor is necessary to:

A sudden sharp pain in the scrotum.
Drawing pain in the testicles, which are gradually increasing.
Pain in the testicles, accompanied by fever, nausea, chills.
Painful when touched to the testicles.
Changing the shape, size and density of one of the testicles.
When the control palpation revealed painful or painless deformation on the surface of the testis.
Long-term post-traumatic pain in the testicles (more than one hour after the injury).
Usually, to give a quick and simple answer to the question of why the testicles ache, it is difficult. But there are a number of the most probable causes of pain in this area.
The mechanical effect on the scrotum. Pain in the testicles occur as a result of injuries of varying severity. Usually, after the bumps and bruises appear sharp pain in the scrotum, which quickly goes away. In some cases, the pain comes the shock and loss of consciousness. In chronic scrotal trauma can be long-term growing pain in the testicles. In such cases, the integrity of the gland is usually not affected, but a timely appeal to the specialist will help avoid any unpleasant consequences. In the case of stabbing and cutting injuries is urgently needed medical intervention. Self-similar cases facing infertility or the loss of authority.

Infectious-viral diseases that cause inflammation. These conditions include orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, different diseases, sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, mycoplasmosis.

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