Friday, February 3, 2012

Psychological characteristics of skin care

Unusual for men to pay attention to themselves, but the discomfort associated with dry skin, yet forcing them to pay attention to their appearance. Men rarely use cosmetics, but the overall dryness of the skin, as well as the first signs of wilting can cause discomfort when shaving. And then most of the stronger sex begins to look for beauty products that can eliminate the discomfort.

Men over 40 are starting to notice that their skin becomes dry and loose. It gives them a lot of problems - the skin shrinks, itching and general discomfort.
What is the cause of dry skin? Here you can highlight factors such as genetic predisposition and environment, as well as the impact of the environment - wind, frost, the presence of harmful substances in the atmosphere, the cold climate and hard water, dry air in the apartment and, of course, bad habits.

However, the main cause of dry skin is reduced in men after 40 years of testosterone. It is this hormone regulates the skin man: in charge of the sebaceous glands, hair growth, and cells. Leather - a very special organ. It actively uses and recycles testosterone in men. Most of the enzymes involved in the cleavage and synthesis of the main male hormone, it is in the skin. The thickness of the skin is an indicator of testosterone levels and aging, the concomitant reduction of its level, manifested in the form of thinning of the skin. As a result of reduction of testosterone and a decrease in production of lipids and sebum. For this reason, the skin becomes dry and atrophied.

In what areas is there are noticeable changes in the skin? Skin wilting occurs at all, without exception, areas of the body. However, the first signs of dryness appear in the neck and face, as there is a thin skin initially. Due to lower water content in the layers of the skin visibly wince, but it weakens the tension. In addition, the renewal of skin cells slows down. The aging process brings discomfort (itching and contraction), which most men would like to stop.

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