Monday, January 16, 2012

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia (scientific analogue of the term "alopecia") - abnormal (more than 100 per day) loss or thinning hair to their complete disappearance of the body and head. Hair and skin are derived serve several important functions: tactile sensitivity (sense of touch), the heat exchange with the environment, secondary sexual characteristics (beard and mustache men), defense (eyebrows, eyelashes). In addition, since the life of hair 3-5 years, according to its chemical composition can determine what people ate, what nutrients he was lacking at this time, the impact of professional and household hazards. It's no wonder that hair loss is no laughing worry!

Unfortunately, hair loss can begin at any age under the influence of unfavorable factors. But the most common form of hair loss - androgenetic starts after 30-35 years.

Types of alopecia (hair loss)
Hair loss can occur for various reasons, sometimes it is an indicator of general distress in the body. It is therefore important not to self-medicate (cosmetic and pharmaceutical agents), and consult a dermatologist. It will clarify the cause of hair loss and prescribe treatment that will allow you to keep your hair and health.

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