Friday, February 17, 2012

Male cellulite - how to fight cellulite

Male cellulitis - a controversial phenomenon, and has not yet been recognized. Rather, excess fat is confused with cellulitis, yet what would not really cellulite was a man, approaches in its treatment of virtually indistinguishable from the process of cellulite in women.

It is believed that cellulite is localized on the hips and buttocks. But men can hardly fat deposits appear on the buttocks, are increasingly in the abdomen and above. The fact that this phenomenon is under a certain reason. It was hormones and determines the final location of adipose tissue deposition. And if it happens in women's lower body in the hips and buttocks, cellulite then men is deposited in the upper body - the abdomen, chest and hands.

While men expressed more protein metabolism and adipose tissue is much thinner than women, yet its structure is the same. Let him, under these circumstances, more difficult to make cellulite man, but under certain conditions, though cellulitis can give an effect on the male body. The reason cellulite is in the stagnation, which are more pronounced with stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor sleep, not timely excretion of fluid from the body, etc.

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