Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to cope with the stress of everyday life?

We need to try to maintain the stability of the nervous system and be able to generate positive emotions. Modern man, who lives in conditions of excessive flow of information, nervous stress can enhance your health and keep it, if you can ignore the negative emotions and transform them into positive emotions.

Reliable quality for the preservation of health are honesty, kindness, sensitivity to others, a sense of humor and great skill in their work.
To form such a happy character should respect the work and rest, to fully communicate, play sports, listen to music, read books and be in nature a lot. Well, if you also have mastered Autogenic training, we reach the peaks in the management of their nervous system.

It is necessary to strengthen and improve their cardiovascular system, which is the weakest link in the life of modern man. Help you succeed in this: an intensive walking, jogging, swimming, skiing, biking. These exercises will help improve the cardiovascular system, provided that you do all this on a regular basis. This will have positive effects on the nervous, respiratory and other systems of your body.
Maintain a healthy weight and clean the body of toxins. Excess body weight and pollution lead to disharmony in the work of all organs and lead to various diseases and premature aging.

To lose weight, you need to restrict your diet for calories, eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce consumption of flour and sweet foods. And yet to lead an active life. This has already been mentioned. Your struggle with weight and slag will be more effective if hungry from time to time.

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