Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Testosterone levels in men

Testosterone - the main male hormone, a hormone of the winner. That he makes man man. How to estimate the amount of testosterone in his blood, as well as to raise it, without help of artificial stimulants, will be discussed in this article.

The value of testosterone in the body can not be overestimated. It increases muscle mass and strengthens bones, helps burn fat and protects the body against cardiovascular disease, controls the production of sperm, charging a person with cheerfulness and optimism, creates male character type, provides a secondary sexual characteristics and increases libido.

Testosterone levels in men
Increased levels of testosterone in the body by only 10-20% leads to increased aggression, lower self-preservation instinct, man wants to move and win. With decreasing - the male figure can be formed on the female type or appear feminine traits.

The concentration of testosterone in the blood of genetically defined, but you can adjust it, if you follow certain rules. To get started call signs of low testosterone: erection problems, fatigue, depression, feelings of depression, the decrease in body hair, weight gain. If you take drugs, alcohol, or antidepressants, then you too can be a problem with the elaboration of this hormone. The more of these signs you found the lower levels of testosterone.

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