Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Habits that do not allow a man to lose weight

The main causes of the problems with being overweight, of course, lurking in our way of life. Lack of dietary fiber, excessive intake of fat, the inability to properly (slowly chewing, swallowing and not all at once) to consume food, insufficient water intake, chronic sleep deprivation - this is an incomplete list of the basic habits of modern men, who boast hinder athletic figure.

The first reason - wrong diet. There are various aspects, firstly to reduce the caloric content, but not at the expense of protein. They need to consume more, because they are the building blocks of our muscles.

Another bad habit snacking on the go. Here lurks some dangers - it not only leads to excessive consumption of food, but in most cases the bite - it's high calorie and useless in terms of vitamins and minerals foods. Buns, chips, hot dogs - all this is not generally considered as an alternative to lunch or breakfast. Eat more fiber, especially rough - the bread out of the dark varieties of flour, oatmeal and whole grain cereal varieties grains, organic vegetables and fruit - there is little calories, but a lot of nutrients, resulting in movement of metabolism.

Dangerous habit to eat on the run is dangerous by the fact that you swallow food without chewing it. And that, firstly, is harmful to the body, and secondly, does not help the fact that your brain time to receive information from the stomach of its full saturation, and as a consequence - over-eating. Try to eat slowly and chew food well, then you immediately reduce your diet.

One of the mistakes - big portions. Even if you're in the gym, do not increase the number of servings of food, so you'll even gain weight. You should not go to restaurants where there is a greater chance to overeat. Try to keep your diet necessarily the vegetables and dairy products, organic foods, which may be one of your assistants, and scary, if you have not first become a better cook, eventually it will come by itself.

And the last reason of malnutrition - the lack of necessary quantity of water, yes - ordinary water. And it's better that it was not a mineral, and much less sweet soda, tea or coffee - it is best to drink plain filtered water for at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day. Water - the best way to lose weight, it contains no calories, helps flush out toxins and various digest food.

An important reason - the wrong mode, and especially the lack of sleep. No one has abolished the 8-hour night's sleep is the best and easiest way to improve their condition.

And in the end let's talk about that most insidious reason, which does not lose weight - is the lack of discipline. As soon as you start to feel that you could lose some pounds, you immediately become a hero, it seems that a little encouragement to myself - this is exactly what you want. But do not be so sure, and continue to the planned path without stopping.

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