Friday, October 7, 2011

Infidelity Men

The first enemy of the sexual relationship of spouses is marital routine existence. - This conclusion was made American sexopathologists which aims to find out what drives a man, seemingly living in a happy marriage, to adultery, and why modern men, quite pleased with my family and have no intention of leaving her, constantly think about sex with another woman .

It turns out the desire of many modern men covered in a slightly different direction - toward a sex shop. Based on the results of a survey conducted sexopathology, one of the reasons due to which the floor begins to look for a strong alternative to the monotonous sex with his wife, is the reluctance to use the latest products from a sex shop. As a result, men who recognize that the relationship with the couple outside the bedroom is quite happy with them, and have affairs on the side they do not plan, seek the services of prostitutes. After all, prostitutes always have in stock exactly what will spur sexual life of men. As stated by many of the scientists interviewed, if their wives from time to time have used anything from the range of a sex shop, then they would cease to apply to prostitutes.

Another reason that drives modern married man "look left", is psychological in nature. The gist is that the man often requires sexual stimulation, which for some reason can not demand from his wife. As an example sexopathologists lead role-playing games are often a way for men to a kind of energy discharge, which allows him to get rid of the accumulated daily stress. Here, a man fully realizes his fantasies and acts as that in ordinary life does not work. However, because of fear of appearing ridiculous, men are afraid of their wives to offer such a game.

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