Thursday, October 6, 2011

How is the treatment of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction may be the result of disharmony in life, between soul and body. Before you identify the method of treatment of impotence, must be fully diagnosed the exact nature of the problem. The effective treatment of impotence diagnostic process begins with a complete history of past and present medical and surgical interventions.
Also requires a deep psychological analysis. Followed by a diagnostic conclusion, focusing on the hormonal, neurological and vascular aspects relating to the functioning of the penis. And do not forget - a means of increasing potency, offered in pharmacies do not always yield the expected result! Once the diagnosis is over, the treatment of potency should be chosen in such a way that you can start it immediately and in full confidentiality. The result (improvement and sometimes complete recovery of potency), noticeable after the first visit to a doctor, a urologist.

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