Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Genetics change

Nutriment plays a part in many areas of condition, including how well people age. As we grow older, changes in our genes occur. New research is exploring what causes these molecular changes and how food affects them. Their specific goal was to look at the cells lining the gut wall to find certain genetics modifications to the volunteers’ genes. These particular modifications are associated with bowel cancer and are transmitted when cells divide.
The findings from this study showed that men are more likely to have these epigenetic changes than women. They also found that volunteers who had a higher amount of vitamin D in their bodies tended to have fewer of these changes, and the same correlation was found with high levels of selenium. These findings are consistent with known links between age and diet and the danger of bowel cancer. On the other hand, some nutrients had a connection with a higher straight of genetics substitution. Foliate in particular was associated with these changes. The researchers also examined the relationship between obesity and molecular changes. They found that excess corpse weight can cause a greater level of genetics change. The reason for this is still being investigated. The biggest cause of an increased danger of bowel cancer is age. However, this new research shows that there are other factors at work. While you cannot command your age, you do have control over your nutriment and mass plane. By ensuring that your reduce is prosperous in vitamin D and selenium, you can lessen your chances of developing bowel cancer. 

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