Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Exercise and health problems

People who never get sick are incredibly annoying. Some of us it seems spend half our lives dealing with some kindly of frosty or bug and are constantly forced to go through work while spluttering over our colleagues or brave nights out sensitivity like we’re going to be sick everywhere – but then these other people will happily go for months without so much of a sniffle and will constantly be there to remind us what it was like to be healthy. And by all rights they should have the same cold as us – they spent time in the same environs, and they attended the same events. So what makes them so specific? And what can we learn from them? Here we will look at some of the things you can do to simulate their good health so that it can be you with the smug smile for a change
When you’re ill, people are constantly telling you to rest up so that you can regain, so it might seem surprising to learn that it can in some ways be resting that actually allows you to get ill in the first location. While there isn’t too much investigation or evidence as to why this might actually be the case, often the actuality is that we get ill when we stop in order to rest (which is why teachers famously tend to get ill during the school holidays). This seems to be similar to the way that you can hold off getting visibly older by keeping an active job and lifestyle. It’s foolhardy to take it to extremes then, but as a general rule it may be possible to almost hold off getting ill by just keeping active. And of course the very best kind of activity is actual activity that gets your heart pumping and muscles working.  This can have a range of positive effects on the body from reducing significance hormones to encouraging the body to go into an anabolic ‘healing’ state where the immune system will work to repair tissue and combat bacteria. Of course it can also keep your heart strong and your weight down which will further avoid a distance of health problems.

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