Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Excess Weight

Excess weight - one of today's problems. And the more offers of different diets, weight loss programs to get rid of the emerging of a man's tummy, the more it seems that the problem is unsolvable.

As a rule, full of intellectual labor affects people who do not have regular physical activity. Long-term "sedentary work" in an office behind a computer and a desk, sitting behind the wheel of a car for a few hours a day, lack of exercise during the day - all this leads to the fact that the body begins to store fat. The representatives of the stronger sex starts growing tummy, abdominal muscles weaken, fat is deposited on the sides, because the calories, which is rich in our food are not wasted by the body. To solve this problem can only be radically changing the mode of the day, adding physical activity, even in those conditions in which modern man lives.

Physiology of men is that each piece of high-calorie postponed it in the abdomen and stomach is a ball, more and more increasing in size. The result - the deformation of the spine, experiencing unnecessary strain, compression of internal organs. Sweets, meats, fats, elementary overeating high calorie foods - all this is the cause of excess weight. The solution is obvious - moderation in eating, nutrition, introduction to the diet of fruits and vegetables, fiber, limiting sweets and salt, preservatives or smoked. But if it is difficult to abandon the familiar rhythm and quality of food, you can simply divide their food and eat only half of what is planned to eat. Thus, the diet will be reduced by 50% while keeping it familiar foods.

Hormonal causes - are the most frequent causes of obesity. After sixty years in a man drops the level of the main male hormone - testosterone, as a result - the muscles are unusable, they lose water they need for normal operation. Reduces the secretion of sex hormones being a man, his general tone, affect the mood, leading to disease, reduces the potency and libido. Solve the problem can be permanent physical exercise, maintaining muscle tone.

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