Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ideal Lovers - Lady Cat

Lady Cat

Description of facial features
Of species is not very common and not so long ago, the existing turn to the more familiar classics. Mistress cat is a woman who accompanies a married man has for many centuries. It has long domesticated, tamed and studied everywhere. Moreover, during the development of humanity displayed countless cat breeds. However, no matter how many people are not engaged in breeding, cats only change the external data, but the essence remains the same. So sometimes all the wives seem to be a mistress to one person. It seems that they all have the same character, demeanor, style of life. In fact, they are just one of the most numerous species. But the characters just might be different. Mistress cat can be gentle, but can not be given in hand, can be treated for sciatica, and maybe ugly yelling, demanding Whiskas. It is very important whether the cat was always home, or had time to taste the street life. Common between all members of the cat - an irresistible urge to reproduce and independence. In what circumstances would not be living your cat (and on what terms) it will always show the royal pride.

The chances of divorce
Only if you are going to insist. That's just why you might need? In fact, neither a cat does not want a divorce (even if she does not understand). The cat is not tied to the owner. But attached to the house. Therefore, the best thing you can do for your kitty - is to buy her a separate apartment. Then she would be happy for life. And even when you leave it. She just sweeten to a new host, and then will lead the next and so many times as desired. If a man is good to a cat that is fed and not hurt, she by and large do not care who he is. Likewise, a cat refers to other cats. Therefore, for men it is quite possible, and most importantly is absolutely safe to have multiple lovers, cat, than many willingly use.

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