Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ideal Lovers - Exotic woman

Exotic woman

Description of facial features
Let's start with the aforementioned crocodiles, as well as snakes, chameleons, spiders and other exotics. Importantly in the classification does not confuse this kind of wild animals. Predators living at home - it's a different song. The difference between this kind from others - not posed a danger to the host and other people, but only originality. Mistress exotic plant to the public to gasp. The intended effect may be directed to anyone: to friends (even envy) for the spouse (even if scared), but at least even for children (let them know that the folder is still hoo). Moreover, the criteria of this most exotic may be very different and purely individual. Someone for the proper effect necessarily required as a lover, black woman dancer, someone simply dancer, and someone will suit young creation is not too burdened by intellect. Exotics can be manifested in the appearance, in behavior, social status or even membership in professional women. No forecast of what will be exotic women at home or in a relationship unfortunately can not give. Species difference data mistresses are so varied that classify their individual characteristics is not possible.

The chances of divorce
If your lover in this category, the strength of your marriage will depend entirely on your wife. If she is willing to put up with your "cockroaches", I mean the original lover, then the latter has no chance to change the status. However, much more frequently in lawful spouse pass the nerves, and she says: "Either I or your dragon (crocodile, penguin, ostrich ...)!" In this case, only one percent of the men picks mistress. In practice, the fascination with the exotic little animals usually not serious, quick passes, brings a lot of hassle, but it leaves a vivid memory, which may subsequently become a family legend, something like: "Oh, when your grandfather was a young combiner, he fell unconscious in the dancer, came on tour ... "

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