Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ideal Lovers - Lady Predator

Lady Predator

Description of facial features
On TV from time to time show of the same type stories about how someone in the apartment stayed true predator. Gentle tiger, cub clever, funny bear ... What would not end this story, the moral is always the same - the animals are not stuffed toys, even if they look like. Mistress-Panther from the same category. It has the beauty of animal and animal passion. She is independent and freedom-loving. Make it more or less hand only at the very tender age (as in the above-mentioned subjects), and then only briefly, the ending is still a foregone conclusion. With adults as individuals you are doomed to play by their rules. That she would treat you like a hunter with prey, and not vice versa. Although, if cunning predator, it can bring you the dust in the eyes and for a while, you will think that they themselves command the parade. Why give birth to such mistresses? Stupid question! You really do not guess? Because it is a mega-cool! And because this is the most elegant adventure of love, which only can be in a man's life. If the option "exotic animal" can not cause admiration of friends and Curling a finger to his temple, the mistress of this type is a wholly black envy of the entire male community, and even by women. What is the interest of the woman? It depends. Sometimes it is money, greed, a sort of calculation, sometimes mutual passion (predators, too, would like a pair, by the way, many of them are monogamous), sometimes passion of another kind (the assertion that the well-fed predators do not hunt and do not kill just for fun, not always true )

The chances of divorce
All will depend on the plans predator. If she wants, then you have planted in the one-two. And it is perhaps a very necessary and it does not matter. If you intend to save your marriage, then you only have one chance. Not even fire back. Run! As far and as fast as possible from the area of its habitat. And never meet more. A lover of this type can be vindictive, vengeful, insidious and ruthless. It does not matter how long it will after your unsuccessful hunt, it can wait for years to wreak his deadly jump. It can even send your shadow, watching for you. But for such a denouement you need much effort. For example, a deep wound mistress-predator. To pain overshadowed all other feelings, to its main instinct, the instinct of self-preservation went by the wayside. If the story will develop in a different scenario, then you may well expect a happy and bright new marriage. And he is certainly to be the last. Because it take you a predator can not nobody. Is it that she let go (though such cases are hardly found in nature), or you will qualify for another predator. But god forbid you from the last, since the worst that can be seen in my life - this is a fight of two panthers.

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