Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nandrolone kills blood vessels eleven times faster than testosterone

Nandrolone is a 19-nortestosterone anabolic steroid, most commonly sold as Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone decanoate) and less commonly as a Durabolin. High-dosage use of steroids for long time increases the chances of heart disease. This is because steroids cause heart muscles to grow in high proportion, killing the heart cells and creating blood clots. It will not be so worse if anabolics didn’t have another bad effect: they narrow blood vessels so that blood clots can easily stack and cause heart attacks.

Nandrolone is a  mild steroids compare to other steroids, so that at first glance its use has to be safer than other steroids. But it’s not so. Nandrolone falls is the category of anabolics that reduces growth of blood vessels. The more anabolic steroids lower the production of blood cells the more dangerous it is for heart and blood vessels.

Testosterone which is more powerful anabolic is not so damaging for blood vessels. Used in a much higher concentration that Nandrolone it shows great anabolic properties without inhibiting the blood cells creation. Or if it do it, it usually occurs after a prolonged use in high dosage. Nandrolone is not for use for those with cardiovascular problems

All types of steroids have to be carefully taken, having your blood tests done and being in a good health. If you are susceptible of heart problems than Nandrolone is the number one steroid to avoid from the list of steroids to use.

Lower dosage is not going to prevent heart issues. The best is to omit its use at all looking for other steroids with the same action but with low heart influence. If you thought that Nandrolone Decanoate is a safe steroid than you are wrong. It has other sins along with being dangerous for heart.
If Deca was able to promote big gains in this frame of time it maybe gonna worth the danger. The truth is that in these 5 weeks it just starts working and you already have your lived damaged. Also, it’s possible that Deca interferes with Thyroid Gland damaging its effort as well.

Deca lubricates joints like any other steroid could do.  When stacked with Winstrol nice biting result is reached. However, Winstrol has the drawback to boring the joint s causing discomfort and difficulty.

By adding Deca joints are better moisturized while showing fair muscle growth properties. For more details about mixing Deca with Winstrol peruse our article Deca & Winstrol- the best mound for joints.

To sum up, Deca Durabolin is indeed much worse for your nerve and blood vessels when taken in high dosage for prolonged periods of period, especially when heart problems ate already present-day.  Build sure you are in good before taking Deca (recommendation available for any other medication) and use it with greatest cautions.

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