Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Levels of testosterone

When most people understand the discussion testosterone, they think of combative behavior. There is a element between the two—at least in competitive situations, such as with a viscount or for a sex partner. However, there appears to be a subtler interplay between testosterone and behavior in other types of situations—in both men and women. Women in love have higher testosterone for the few months after a relationship starts than women who are unattached or in great-term relationships, a small Italian study suggests. The opposite is correct for men; those newly in affection have lower testosterone than men flying solo or with a long-term partner. As with early passion, though, the changes don't last. When the researchers tested the study participants again one to two years later, the differences had disappeared. Men whose levels of testosterone are below normal may lose their spare tire when treated with testosterone. Because the extended-term effects of testosterone treatment have not been well studied, however it is generally only recommended in men with below-regular testosterone levels and symptoms such as fatigue, muscle or bone-mass loss or sex dysfunction. An American Cancer Society representative, however, questions whether the method has been sufficiently studied to recommend it as a treatment.

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