Friday, August 17, 2012

What you need for fitness at home

When there is a desire to learn and not to lose the slim and beautiful figure, activities at home are no less useful and effective than in the gym under the supervision of an instructor. It will take three or four square meters of floor and knowledge of basic home exercises for the press.

Abdominal exercises: What are the objectives
Men usually refers to the goal to build beautiful muscle, remove excess fat. Actually the beginning of classes must be preceded by warm-up. Bear in mind that the best warm-up before you exercise your abdominal muscles, provides a run (it can run on the street) or a series of sit-ups, which are performed at home. In the workout you can take no more than five or ten minutes, and then proceed to the exercises.

Exercise torsional
Lying on the floor with legs bent at the knees hands behind his neck somknite or head. Little by little, in slow motion to lift the upper body, then slowly lower it back. The legs and waist at the same time remain unchanged. It is necessary to repeat the exercise forty or fifty times in a single approach.

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