Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Strength training for muscles

The purpose of strength training is to increase muscle strength, shape formation by increasing lean body mass, as well as rendering individual muscle groups. Ultimately, the goal of strength training you define yourself. For example, you want to emphasize the beautiful thighs that they are not like thin (thick), shapeless sticks, and on the legs toned fitness models - except for strength training will not solve the problem.

If nature has given you the figure of "pear", then you need to work on reducing the volume of the thighs and buttocks, while some increase upper body. Again in this case, only strength training can correct the flaws of your body.

Strength training is the best complement the training program, even if you are struggling with excess weight (fat). They also accelerate the body's metabolism, so - alone you'll burn more calories. Strength exercises help to increase muscle mass, and is known to require enhanced muscle power.
Even if you change your diet to decrease calorie intake, you will still earn less fat, and may even lose weight, because the body's need for additional "fuel" will increase.
certain muscle groups.
Quite often, the power group training conducted in the aerobic mode. This is because the occupation is usually last for 50-60 minutes, and the desire of the client, respectively, to pump as much muscle to do more exercises, sets and repetitions to be a tire out yourself, set the pace of training. All exercises are performed one after another, with a second intervals, just to change the position of the body, equipment, or to wipe the sweat from his forehead.
Of course, this mode of strength training is ideal for those seeking to lose weight, but is unlikely to add significantly thin one person in the muscles. Certainly, the use of force training group is obvious. Become involved in muscle tone, increased muscular endurance (because the number of repetitions per set, 16 - 32), but light weight weights (weights 3.1 kg, 8.2 kg bodibary) again can only contribute to improving muscle relief.
And behold the same group plus strength training is the ability to slightly improve the shape, thus saving on the payment of personal training, as well as the presence of team spirit and "pressure" an instructor who is trying to squeeze out of you the required number of repetitions. The downside - the same for all the exercise program. Вodybuilding helps keep the body toned.

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