Friday, April 16, 2010

Men's skin care

Men's skin care once meant slapping on some aftershave.
What are the best anti wrinkle products for men? The man who dared ask that question out loud would have been laughed at, not long ago. Men somehow convinced themselves that wrinkles and creases in their faces were macho, all part of being a man's man. Most men have grown up a bit. They know they can use some help with anti wrinkle products, especially since many men have neglected their skin. A man still wants to look youthful, healthy and energetic -- and face it, guys: wrinkles and age spots don't send that message. Wrinkles are not manly. Given that men's skin care is important, you naturally want to find the best anti wrinkle products for men. Here are a few facts about men's skin care and the ingredients that really help.First, men's skin is particularly prone to inflammation and redness.

Some of that inflammation may be due to the subtle genetic differences between men and women. Most of it is probably due to different behavior: most men shave every day, and they tend to be careless about sunburn, windburn, and letting their skin dry out. Even when redness isn't obvious, signs of aging often are -- like dark spots and bags under the eyes, facial wrinkles and color variations in the skin. These are signs of hidden inflammation. It is not easy to get this under control, but it's possible. One thing a good men's skin care product has to do is halt inflammation. To get technical just for a minute: it must reduce production of Prostaglandin E2 in the body: this is the big biochemical pathway leading to inflammation in the skin.

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