Friday, April 16, 2010

Masturbation is one of the oldest exercises

Masturbation is one of the oldest exercises for increasing a man's penis size, yet has only recently come to the forefront as an effective method for doing such an endeavor. Every man can have a larger and thicker penis if the correct techniques are applied to that goal. Techniques that are very similar to the art of masturbation, are any of the penis enlargement sets that include disciplined workout routines and many other factors. One can say the difference between penis exercise masturbation routines and regular masturbation is that semi-hard-ons and non-ejaculation are two of the most important factors for enlarging your penis.
One of the most popular questions from individuals who want to know more about penis masturbation exercises is in the timing apparatus. Make sure that your exercise routine, which is done on a daily basis, alternates between days off for rest and is 10 minutes or more in duration. The reason for this is that your penis skin tissue, septum, cells and body tissues, bladders and everything else that makes up a penis needs time to relearn or just simply learn for the very first time, to be stretched. That is why a minimum time of 10 to 15 minutes will be sufficient so that the penis has enough repetitions and sets to get acclimated with the lengthening process. There are some specific situations that you need to familiarize yourself with such as, when starting any penis exercise program and one of those is the warm-up. In this activity all you have to do is get a warm, clean-sterile towel and wrap it around the base and all the way up to the head of your penis. Most men just entirely cover their penis in the warm towel and that's fine as long as the warm-up is concentrated on completely. For those cold-wintry mornings in Chicago or Baltimore, hardly anyone wants those cold mittens around something as sensitive as their penis so make certain that your hands are warmed up as well as the shaft. Now that everyone's all warm and toasty are you ready to start exercising that penis to make it longer and thicker and stronger? Well cool, so lets get down to it!

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