Monday, April 6, 2009

Pianissimos treatment

Pianissimos - the narrowing of the external openings of the flesh. It must be remembered that pianissimos can be congenital and acquired. Congenital narrowing of the very flesh of the majority of births occur as a physiological phenomenon up to 3 years. During the first 3 years of life extension is happening preoccupations holes, physiological pianissimos runs itself and needs no further correction.
Physiological pianissimos has all the same complications as normal pianissimos acquired.

Acquired pianissimos may be formed under the influence of different factors:

Inflammation of foreskin and head of the penis (abolitionist) can lead to edema in the flesh, and temporarily reducing the diameter of the outer holes.

Mechanical trauma can lead to the formation of scar tissue (not able to stretch) in the flesh.

In childhood, the period of active growth of the head and the foreskin may be a temporary or permanent gap of diameter head and the outer holes in the flesh.

Lack of connective tissue in the body that has a genetic predisposition.

Sunshine - adhesions between the head of the penis and foreskin hinder the release of the head of the penis, is a modification of the rules for children under 3 years. Very often, under the translucent skin of a physiological or grease schema - it gaseous mass, which is a good breeding ground for microorganisms and is often a cause of inflammatory processes blatant and plantations. Sunshine encouraged to grow.
Manifestations and symptoms of pianissimos
Determine the extreme narrowing of the flesh, and it is impossible to uncover the head of the penis, through the formation of scar pianissimos.

Sometimes the child is pain, discomfort during urination, the urine under pressure inflates the "ball" at the end of the penis. Sometimes a kid is difficult to urinate, have to retch. This urine is allocated a thin trickle.

Hyper trophic pianissimos, the disease is characterized by abnormal foreskin, its thickening and loss of elasticity, making it difficult to complete the withdrawal of the penis head.

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