Monday, April 6, 2009

The method of treatment

Treatment of phimosis
Typically, treatment of phimosis is reduced:

- Excision of foreskin

- Sparks the separation between the head of the penis and foreskin. This is done under general anesthesia or without anesthesia (to effect "). The child receives a psychological trauma after the operation, and often relapse phimosis.

- To corticosteroid therapy. Regular and frequent use of corticosteroid ointment to the head of the penis and the flesh slightly increases the elasticity of tissue in the flesh, with the result that it may fall, thus decreasing the extent of the disease. However, in practice, even months of the application of corticosteroid ointments more often than not there is any effect. In general, this method of treatment of phimosis should be declared ineffective, and recommend it to the application is not worth it.

The method of treatment that I use
It should be noted that every child needs an individual approach, regardless of age. If there sinewy separate adhesions under local anesthesia with the use of special drugs that provide a full recovery without the child's psychological trauma, and without general anesthesia. In some cases, can not be avoided operative treatment (circumcision foreskin).

My method of circumcision
Best of old and new methods followed in the operation of my equipment. I use a special clamp that ensures minimal tissue trauma in the flesh, and there is no risk of damage to the head of the penis. Excision foreskin is made special appliances, it provides a complete homeostasis (stopping bleeding) and simultaneously connects the sheets in the flesh. Thus, the operation is performed bloodlessly, a good cosmetic effect is achieved without complications.

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