Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jelq Your Way to a Large Penis!

If you knew an exercise that was completely safe and could enlarge your penis size dramatically, would you try it? I'm going to assume your answer is yes, and tell you about jellying. The jell is an exercise that promotes penis growth through a natural stimulation.

What Is The Jelq?

The jelq is a daily exercise performed by hand to increase penis length and girth. Jelling is often referred to as milking for its milk-like motion on the penis. Jelling is performed in a flaccid (semi-erect) state. The jelq technique builds pressure on the penis and it's smooth muscle, blood vessels, and other tissues. After time, the pressure causes the penis to expand and enlarge. The exercise itself can be compared to working out any other muscle, but best results come with the mastering of the technique. As you get better at jelling, there are more advanced exercises that will enhance growth.

Benefits Of Jelqing!

The benefits jelqing can have are numerous. The physical benefits include: increase in penis length and girth, harder erections, and you can also gain control of ejaculations. The mental benefits include: the self-gratification attained from pleasing your partner, and a big boost in self-confidence. The best part is the jelqing exercise is completely safe, where as pills, pumps, and surgery can be very dangerous. Jelqing is safe, very effective,and cost efficient.!

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