Tuesday, May 6, 2014

High Estrogen - A Man's Mortal Enemy

Estrogen is a steroid hormone that's primarily found in women. However, men also have a small amount of estrogen since it helps prevent heart disease, increases bone strength and aids men in the bedroom. However, the key term here is 'a small amount' because guys don't want high levels of this hormone. The scariest estrogen side effect for a bodybuilder is no doubt gynecomastia. Too much of this hormone causes female-pattern fat distribution in males, which, unfortunately, can take you from flat-chested to a B-cup rather quickly. Other emasculating problems that can arise due to high estrogen include decreased testicular size, an increased risk of disease, underdeveloped genitalia and lowered libido. As you can see, elevated estrogen doesn't exactly create the picture of an ideal man.

So all you need to do to avoid these nasty problems is stay active, act manly and keep a balanced diet, right? Actually, estrogen levels can increase through means that are beyond our control such as pollution. Soot is a major culprit here because it's been shown to contain estrogenic compounds. And these compounds are making their way into our air and rivers through smoke, vapor and direct disposal. Pesticides are another source of estrogen as they run off into lakes and rivers after being sprayed on crops. You may also encounter a large number of chemical estrogens through plastic bottles, Styrofoam, shampoo, paints, carpet, food preservatives, artificial ingredients and textile fibers. Other artificial estrogens come from paper used for ATM/cash register receipts, plastic shower curtains, antibacterial soap and Teflon cookware.

With everything that estrogen is found in, it's no wonder why, on average, men of all ages today have less testosterone than guys did in the 1980's and 90's. Furthermore, a third of American men over the age of 20 are obese while 40% of guys in their 40's and 50's are obese. This has in turn led to far more cases of diabetes, strokes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and depression.

So how can we combat High Estrogen while increasing Testosterone:
Test Stack No.17 - it seems virtually impossible to avoid increasing your estrogen levels when so many products are filled with these hormones. However, the truth is that you don't have to fall victim to the estrogen epidemic – you just need a little help in the matter.

Dieting, exercising and reducing alcohol consumption are all ways to lower the amount of this hormone. Test Stack 17 combines a number of powerful ingredients to boost your testosterone levels while, simultaneously, reducing estrogen levels. As for the latter, Test Stack 17 contains 100mg of Bulbine Natalensis, which, through clinical research, has been proven to lower estrogen by 35%. So while you may be picking up extra estrogen through various man-made products, you'll be lowering this hormone with Test Stack 17.

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