Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Treatment for erection problems

The first question a man asks about male menopause is usually about declining sex role. Viagra and Cialis are the best known pharmacological treatment for erection problems. In spitefulness of what people often think, these drugs do not grow the sexual drive. If the sexual excitement is there, Viagra can help to achieve erection, if the drive and excitement lack in the first place, Viagra will not help.
There are also herbal products on the market-place that rouse the erection mechanism. Erection oils give an moment erection response, but the response only last 2-3 hours. Erection or potency pills take a longer time to give result, but the conclusion lasts for many hours. The herbal product will often contain components that grow the reproductive restlessness in addition to improving the perfect erection machine. If it is not possible at all to achieve erection with any treatment, surgical implants can help to make the penis stiff and raised up enough to perform an intercourse. One type of introduce is partly rigid bodies that make the penis for good partly erected. Another category of implant is inflatable bodies that can build the penis fully erected when the need rises.

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