Monday, August 1, 2011

Thrush and Men's Health

Thrush in men is much rarer than in women, because the fungus (Candida) simply washed away the urine from the urethra. However, if this happens, then Bam should pay close attention to your health. The fact that this fungus is not transferred well to the male sex organs, and therefore it may indicate that the immune system of your body is reduced.

The most common reasons for which it is thrush in men:
- Anemia
- Immunosuppression
- Diabetes
- Stress and psychological overload
- Antibiotics for a long period

If the treatment of thrush in men is not done on time, this leads to the spread of infection to other organs (kidney, bladder, etc.). In the end, apart from all other diseases that can lead to infertility. Therefore, treatment of yeast infection in men should be started immediately, but do not expect that the "self-will."

The main symptoms of yeast infection in men:
- Redness of the penis and foreskin
- Itching, and burning
- Pain during intercourse
- Pain when urinating
Men tend to thrush affects the foreskin and the glans penis. This condition is called candidiasis balanoposthitis and usually mild with no serious complications and consequences. Therefore, treatment of yeast infection in men is often limited to the use of local drug action. In cases complicated by yeast infection or chronic form, apart from ointments, treatment of thrush in men runs to the appointment of agents of general application.

Treatment of thrush in men should begin to treat the early stages.
If you do not start the treatment of thrush in men as early as possible, the disease may become chronic, and this in turn will lead to serious illness such as chronic prostatitis.

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