Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stress is a major factor in ED

Erectile dysfunction is categorized as an embarrassing problem for a man. Man who struggle with impotence will lose the opportunity to get long lasting happiness in marriage. As you know, many couples break up because of an impotence problem. Moreover, many men get frustrated with impotence and try to find out the best treatments. Stress is a major factor in ED. Doctors everywhere say that stress does affect your health. It can affect the way you carry yourself in work, home and all your relationships. Stress may affect your health without you even knowing it. Your body, your thoughts and even behavior is affected. If you are unsure if stress is the cause, check for these symptoms: headache, back pain, chest pain, heart disease, high blood pressure, decreased immunity, stomach upset and sleep problems. So the answer is yes, stress and ED can affect your health. Anxiety along with stress is also another factor that coincides with ED. Performance anxiety or being worried about wanting to perform well during sex is a major common problem among men. Can you imagine all the things running through a mans mind while suffering anxiety? Wanting to look good, wanting to perform well, making sure the partner is pleased and not wanting to come too fast. Just some examples. Some physical problems noted to be related with ED are diabetes, kidney disease, neurological, and prostate cancer. There are also many other related problems such as surgery, injury, hormonal imbalances, tobacco, alcohol and drug use.

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