Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Female orgasm

Women taking non-oral and oral hormonal contraceptives were at highest risk of Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), according to a study of female German medical students published today in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Interestingly, women taking non-hormonal contraceptives were at lowest risk for FSD, more than women not using any contraceptive.

Lets come on the basics of female orgasm:

1. A woman should be completely relaxed and feel loved to have a volcanic orgasm.
2. Sexual Tension should always be present.
3. Relax her by giving massage or having bath together.
4. Add anticipation in order to make her more arouse.
5. Use several thrusting styles.
6. Perfect your oral expertise.

You can build up anticipation in several ways before you go for oral. Softly press her boobs, rubs her thighs so softly with your finger tips, take her in your lap and softly press and warm her feet, suck her ear lobes while whispering and talking dirty to her, Give her compliment on her body parts but please stay specific while giving compliments. For instance, I love your curves baby, you got stormy eyes, and your body is like thunder. Give her small real compliments, make her feel special and she will love you for it.

Powerful anticipation release the sexual tension inform of earth shattering orgasm. You can make her more arouse by giving her oral. Before jumping on her vagina, kiss her inner thighs, under her belly button, kiss her knees while pressing her calves softly, kiss her feet, love and lick her vagina and clitoris while rubbing outside of her thighs(this will drive her crazy).

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