Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Male orgasm

Topics like masturbation, male orgasm and penis size and why it's so important for men and women are the most discussed topics about sexual health.

The amount of masturbation will vary from one person to another but they will practice it regularly; that's a given. Masturbation is a process of bringing about sexual excitement as a result of self stimulation. This process is more common among men than in women. In this process a person manipulates his/her genitals in a way such that he/she is brought to a point of orgasm. When one talks about masturbation, it suggests that the man or woman is in effect stimulating oneself privately. However, it could also be a part of sexual activity wherein one partner stimulates the other. Masturbation is to a large extent considered beneficial to the person. It is a safe, easy and natural way of releasing all the pent up sexual tension. It's also a means of sexual expression and in an indirect way could also get a man or woman get comfortable with the idea of having sex.

Male orgasm - The process

When a man or a woman experiences an orgasm there is a feeling of intense pleasure. It is a reaction to the sexual stimulation of the various erogenous zones of the body. In men an orgasm is primarily associated with the stimulation of the shaft and the head of the penis. In women it's the stimulation of the clitoris that is responsible for an orgasm. A male orgasm is followed by processes of various systems like vascular, nervous and the endocrine system. As the body is stimulated sexually the emitted pulses from the spinal cord reach the genitals in order to bring about the initiation of ejaculation.

The vascular system gets into the act by contracting the muscles of the groin in order to propel a combination of fluids from the ducts and glands like prostate, seminal vesicles and vas deferens into the urethra. Ejaculation is a result of semen being propelled into the exterior because of urethral pressure. Sexual desire and its release is the basis of all orgasms. This is where testosterone comes in bringing about the role of the endocrine system.

Is the size of the penis really that important? Different people will tell you different things, as for some, size does matter and for others it doesn't. So, there is an uncertainty. Various studies conducted amongst women, have shown that there is no one size that is considered as acceptable. Moreover, there is an indication that for women, the girth is more important than the length. There is a great variability amongst women too about size preferences. What about men? Are they preoccupied with size? There is very little doubt that they are and in some ways more than women. For them penis size is all about self confidence and many men who have a normal size penis think that their size is smaller. In an interesting internet based survey it came to light that a majority of the women who were in a relationship were satisfied by the size of their man's penis; the men themselves were not satisfied with their size.

There is a major misconception amongst men that it's the size of the penis that dictates whether you satisfy your partners or not. They refuse to believe that a satisfying sexual experience for both the man and the woman is dependant on a lot more than just the size of the penis.

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