Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Real Man

What exactly is the essence of male potency?
If we look at it from psychotherapeutic point, the main constituent of male potency is the exchange of symbols into pictures. The fact is that different genders have different dominating brain hemispheres: women perceive the world by means of pictures or images, which represent the right brain hemisphere, while men perceive the world by means of symbols or numbers, represented by the left brain hemisphere. A man, who is able to change his numbers into her pictures, is the one who has the real male strength. Usually we define the male potency by the level of male hormones androgens, especially the most important one of them - testosterone. The testosterone macho will have bigger muscles, higher temper, and tougher character. Nevertheless, such men are not always successful in life, including success with women. Male strength is the composition of androgens and wits.

What does male potency depend on?
First of all it depends on the type of temperament, or your disposition, general mood, or innate aspects of your personality that are genetically based. Penis is the measure of the man's overall health. The coherent functioning of heart, blood vessels, nervous system and endocrine gland are very important for potency. Self-confidence and life experience are also essential for male sexual strength. A blow to the pride in the past or low self-esteem can very often lead to erectile dysfunction. Sometimes we should look way back to find the cause for it, when a mental trauma from the childhood comes out at the physical level causing sexual problems. Also, male potency depends a lot on the woman. A woman with high sexual drive can raise the sexual bar of her partner.

What is the most common cause for sexual weakness?
About 20 years ago, erectile dysfunction was considered to be caused by psychological factors in 80% of the time. The doctors could not make out the sources of sexual dysfunction such as vessels congestion, hormonal issues and so on, therefore everything was blamed on the psychological causes. Nowadays medical views have drastically changed, and the cases with psychological causes for erectile dysfunction account for only 10-15%. Although it is still usually pretty hard to raise the potency to the high level without the help of a psychotherapist.

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